Wednesday, November 11, 2009


i wonder sape akan bace blog ni if i update lagi.. received requests to blog about future wedding preparations..haha..but i wonder, ade ke org nk bace? hmmm.. hello???

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

teka teki

'2, 6, 42, 1806'

what comes after 1806?

sila la pk ye

gud luck!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

all into one

haluu.. it is already may! oh how time pass by so fast! n yet this blog is partly empty.. n im getting lazier to post anything here.. before i went to welly i used to have a blog..but once i was in welly i stopped writing.. n now this blog was first written in now im in lazy.. keke..

nway just some updates on wat happened during labour day weekend..

thurs-went to midvalley straight after work.. had dinner at the vietnamese restaurant with the map gang..ehem..colleagues.. then we played pool..its been quite a while..its quite fun..but it'll be better if the whole place wasnt that stuffy with all the ciggy smoke.. then we lepaked at the mamak stall before ayer n i went to c wolverine! yeah! it was great.. to those of u who has not watch the movie..stay put until after the credits ya.. there will be 2 short additional scenes.. d 2nd scene will be after alllll the credits.. be patient yah.. well if ur not then just ask me n i'll tell u wat happened..kekeke

friday-after friday prayers..ayer n i went to nike warehouse sale at queen's retail park in cheras.. it was our first time there n to our surprise that place caters for a lot of outlets.. mcm kat tauranga plak..keke.. so ade mng, quiksilver, esprit.. den we went to cineleisure cuz there was a warehouse sale for zara massimo dutti and pull n bear.. fuh it was sooo packed! i ended up feeling so rimas n so i just went out without properly looking thru the sale.. tak tahan lah.. dh la so panas.. nway its kinda musim for clearance at the moment.. so byk warehouse sale..its just a matter i sempat gi ke tak cuz mostly they will close around 7pm..n if u dont get there on the first day mmg habis la barang2..huhu..

saturday-my granduncle got tickets for the mpo lat's show but he couldnt go so he gave the tickets to my uncle who later passed it to me.yey! so me and ayer was a nite show so it was all formal.. n d show was great despite having front row seats cuz the place was full n tickets were sold out like hot cakes! there were 2 parts of the show..the first was about 3 short films from lat's drawings accompanied by songs conducted by carl davis.. n d 2nd part was a charlie chaplin's movie called modern times and it was accompanied by the orchestra.. so it was really something different..we got to c the video as well as having live orchestra playing in front of kan? =D

sunday-went to the curve to walk around the weekend bazaar.. n there were also 2 bands having a show at cineleisure..hujan n pesawat.. n i went to the zara sale again..this time it was much better cuz there were less people.. but there were not many clothes with my sad.. if only im still in sure to buy a lot of jackets..hahaha.. after that, we went to putrajaya to walk around and take pictures..n ended the nite by having dinner at uptown..hehe..

so overall.. it was definitely a fun weekend, although we're working during the weekdays..kalu cuti tu..cuti la habis-habisan..ehhehe.. ok.. gotta go now.. so c u around..taaa~~

Monday, April 6, 2009


its only our 4th day of work but everytime i come back from work i'll always have something to add to my 'must-buy-stuffs-after-first-salary' list. hahahaha.. terok.. i know..wat to do..excited =p

today was very tiring..not dat we have a lot of work to do but we had a lot of standings to do..haha.. met with the ceo n some central mgmt team.. too bad my mentor, who's the head of japanese investment or was it trading was not around.. then we had a tour to a lot of depts n met a lot of ppl.. but seriously..saket kaki! hehe..

ok back to bangi for tmrw til friday..


Saturday, April 4, 2009


first weekend after only 3 days of work..haha.. work has been alrite.. i guess our brains are still on holiday.. just imagine that the last time i worked really hard was last year.. d last day was on 31st october.. n so i had 2 months of lepaking in nz before coming home.. n i had 3 months to lepak in kl! 5 months of lepaking in total! wahaha.. cant get that anymore rite now or in d future..huhu..

so let me tel u wat i do.. so im currently working at rhb as a management associate.. together with ayer nash nazri n liz n of cuz 14 other colleagues.. 19 of us are in this program called mgmt associate prog. its hard to answer if ppl ask u which dept r u in..cuz this prog is different in which we will learn everything about the bank.. so we have classroom trainings and attachments..not to forget all the tests and projects in d end.. just like uni..i know..d difference is we get paid to study :D

nevertheless, its not easy..we have targets to achieve and its an accelerated program expecting us to become managers in a very short time.. just imagine us the welly peeps controlling rhb in d future..whaa.. insyaallah! hehe.. we are based at bangi for the classes n will be attached to other places later.. ya bangi is very far but its been great cuz food is provided. yey! so we're getting brunch, lunch n tea kan? so all i need to pay is just petrol n tolls.. hehe..

so this monday we'll be in hq in jln tun razak cuz we're meeting with the ceo..huhu.. n to meet our mentors and buddies.. im hoping to get either klcc or amp point's branch for my first attachment in 2 wks.. hope for the best!

ok enjoy ur weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

first day tmrw!

it'll be our first day of work tmrw.. yeah i know its 1st of its april fool..haha.. but of cuz this is not a prank..keke..

hoping that everything will go fine goin with ayer tmrw..hehe.. will drive myself maybe on thurs..n we'll c how it goes after dat.. the fact that i have to travel to bangi to the training far! well..just hoping i'll get transfered nearer after the classroom training..huhu..

actually i have so many things to write about but everytime i logged in here.. laziness strike..haha.. dono y.. hmmm..

so ok gudnite everyone! til next time..


Sunday, March 15, 2009

our lives so far..

1. im currently stuck at home cuz having a ketumbit on my right eye..isk.. i didnt peep ok! =p really hoping it will go away fast!!

2. it looks like me ayer nash n nazri will be working together at least for the next 2 years.. alhamdulillah we got an offer by rhb for their management associate program.. we will start on 1st april..huhu.. me n ayer sort of got the offer by mas but they took too long to offer us so we chose rhb..oh well im more interested in rhb anyway..hehe..

3. we will be going to rhb tmrw to send out some id n stuff.. oh and for ayer to sign his contract. ive signed it last wk..

4. i'll be going for a short holiday to perth this thursday til tues..wee.. going with 2 of my aunties.. ayer will be goin to cameron this weekend with his family.. so we hope to go for some short trip at the end of the month with the others.. road trip pun boleh =)

5. hmm wat else? ive renewed my passport last friday n it took faster than i expected..maybe cuz it was raining in the morning..hehe

6. out of 5 shipping boxes..ive only managed to empty 2 of them..haha..lazy i know..

ok i don have any other ideas to write about..til next time lah.. have fun everyone! taa~~